Let me help you become the definition of your job through social media

A fashionista friend of mine, who planned on establishing a business in the fashion world, said there are two things that do not go out of style: Make-ups and fashion.

Later, while thinking about the hundreds of thousand of people who have lost their jobs because of a downsized, I began to think of how an individual can incorporate those things that do not go out of style into his or her life to become an influential worker, the worker that an organization will not flush away when downsizing. Well, I think I have been able to do a good work on that thought-line.

Therefore today, I want to help you become the face of your company and ultimately the definition of your job. Sounds like a big wish? Then read on.

Recently while doing my devotion in the morning, after reading some letters of Paul, four things came to my mind. Brain, Beauty, Bold and Fun.

Here are the two verses that stocked-out from the two chapter:

"For some say: his letters are weighty and forceful, but in person he is unimpressive and his speaking amounts to nothing"- 2 Corinthians 10:10 NIV

"But I do not think I am in the least inferior to those 'superior-apostles' I may not be a trained speaker, but I do have knowledge. We have made this perfectly cleared to you in every way"- 2 Corinthians 11: 5-6 NIV

It obvious some felt Paul was a weakling, and not knowledgeable. People are attracted to those who seems to have some spectacular aura surrounding them. Therefore I will be teaching you how to incorporate the four constructs of Brain, Beauty, Bold and Fun into your career.

But before I continue, you must realized that underneath these constructs lies creativity. Creativity is the reason while they are always sort after. Creativity is the reason while machines and computer is replacing human labour. Yet, the individuals who is creative can successfully compete with those devices and still maintain relevance in his workplace.

You see, many organization encourages only "on the job creativity" that seals your contract with them. But you need the type of creativity that says "I am in charge, and I own my career", your focus needs to be shifted from employment to employability.

Therefore I will be showing you how to showcase your creativity to the world through personal development and social media. I said social media, because it is what brings all of us together, or should I say it is where you can access your organization's customers that will sing your praise. Moreover you can easily network yourself through social media.

Here is how to incorporate the four constructs:

1. Brain
Here it refers to your qualification and the additional skills that you continue to get so as to develop yourself and broaden your knowledge. Brain is the seat of creativity, knowledge always evolves, it doesn't go out of style. But you need more to this because during mergers, an individual who is very good at his job can be let go by the company that acquires his organization.

How to use your brain on social media? let your posts and activity shows that you know your job and that you are employable.

2. Beauty
We are all attracted to beautiful people, isn't that the reason the Kardashian family covers our fashion magazine and television screen? You also need something that will put you in your company's customers mind.

How to use beauty? Why not start your own 'smart and beautiful' show on your LinkedIn, Facebook and instagram page? With a quality camera and filter effects, show us how you package and style yourself to work.

3. Bold
Can you communicate well? Do you possess a leadership spirit that is obvious to others. Let the world know through the things that you share on social media that you are in control.

4. Fun
Nobody teaches a baby to smile, it does it naturally. We all need to smile so as to relief stress and live long, can you share the fun things about your job that shows us that you love your job, and makes us perceive you as the go-to-guy when we need your company services? Remember that people will always remember how you made them feel.

In conclusion, you need the social media to showcase this creative side of you because your organization's customers are there. And it is the number of these customers that you have succeeded in bringing to your side that will tell us how employable or retainable you are.

Note: Don't rush to use this system, you will know when you are ready, and that will be when you feel that the career path you are on is what you are born to do (discovered purpose). Once you have the necessary resources to showcase yourself, you only need to fire once.

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