Life is not fair, but I know something that works!

King Solomon said he hated life, and called it vanity. Maya Angelo said life is a bitch. I have said life is not vanity, life is precious but stress-filled, and today I say I love life but life is not fair!

I have heard quite a number of times that God created man and gave him the freewill to make his choices, yet I wonder if I had exercise that freewill before I came to this earth. You see, if I was to choose the country where I wanted to be born, I doubt if Nigeria would be that country. If I was to choose my family, maybe I would have chosen the British Royal family. This is my carnal mind's thoughts anyway.

It is said that every man is motivated by pain or pleasure, we all want something good, nobody want to hustle or struggle through life. Yet, those things aren't inevitable. I am not a pessimist, I am simply giving my report about life the way I see it.

I love this thought lines by Douglas Adams, "I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I needed to be". I love it because I can relate with it. And this is why I will say, I think life just wants us to be silent, listen, look at the direction it is taking us and be strategic with our dealings.

Therefore, in our dealings in life and dealing with life, I want to suggest that everyone of us should start reading biographies! Even your Bible is filled with stories and biographies.

I have come to realize that most times, successful people and success stories can be intimidating and when you are intimidated, doubt, low self-esteem and fear can set in. There is hardly anyone who caught my interest that I don't read about. The best books of life, are other people's life histories.

I once told a friend who told me he knows people from their success, to also read about those persons life. He later told me he has been motivated and learned a lot from it.

The most important lesson and value that any great or successful person have to offer you is their life history and how it has evolved. What you need most in dealing with life's unfairness is energy, and biographies can give you that energy, till you are able to say "Life, I gat you".

Someone once told me that what the great people in history sell is hope. Every products is a packaged hope. This then means that the person that will succeed is that person that sells hope. But the best hope you can get is not an iPhone or a McDonald's hamburger, but a Steve Jobs and Ray Kroc life story that says "you can also do it, you can also be it". It is that hope that will help you forge your own path, create your own products, sell hope and be a source of hope to another person.

Life may not be fair, but it is not an excuse. You want to close your eyes in death and say "I lived"

"Biographies give you two keys of life; hope and attitude, like a fish needs water, you need both to survive"- Tope Elizabeth

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