People will come to you when you have what they need

Not too long ago, I signed up for an online course on 'falls'. The objective of the course is to know why people fall, how to prevent fall and when to seek for help after a fall. I initially joined the course to see if I can relate it with an aspect of stress management which I hope to teach in future.

After some lectures I felt bored and thought "who really needs a course on fall? What is the big deal about fall anyway? I can't even remember the last time I fell".

I left the course.

The following day, with my laptop bag on one hand, and another bag containing my clothes on the other hand, I slipped on a staircase and had a scattered fall!

I managed to get up among the sounds of "sorry" from passerby, called a motorcyclist, and by the time I alighted it began to rain. And with an unbalanced leg I had to rush for cover. After I got home, on the same day, I signed up to continue the course on fall!

You see, though the experience wasn't funny, it is now funny when I remember. And this experience as thought me a lesson about life. Which I will say in a simple sentence: "Put yourself out there, the people who needs you will come to you".

In my own personal works, sometimes I tend to think about the people who would not care about what I do, who ignore my articles because they felt they don't need it. Now, I am more particular about giving the best to those who needs me and those that my gifts and calling is serving.

This is something some business owners and service providers needs to understand, that most times it is not about the crowd, and it is not about selling or doing what is in vogue. It is more about what is valuable and unique.

Remember that people will not come to you until they perceive you have what they need. After I knew that anyone can fall at anytime, no one needs to compel me to sign up for the course.

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