Surviving in a stress-filled world

Sometimes ago I started the day with a song in my mind, I began to hummed the tune and formed the lyrics which goes like this "I thought I had it all figured out but I'm still trusting in you Lord..."
I eventually used my phone to record the song so that I don't forget it.

While discussing with a singer friend of mine who I hoped can perform the song, I told her I composed the song out of a flow that came to me, and not because I felt stuck. Because at that moment I actually felt I was good.

Unknown to me the song was a prophecy to the experiences that would happen to me that will make me go back to God and say "here I am, help me".

You see, I don't buy the idea that life is vanity, but I believe life is precious but stress-filled. But we can't say we won't be productive or do what is expected of us every time we come across an obstacle, we just have climb.

As much as we can advocate for proactive abilities, yet we can't always predict the next life's event for a risk-free planning purposes, but I believe we can still do something to save our heads.
I will suggest two things that we can do to to survive in this precious but stress-filled life.

1. Learn to be alone even in the midst of crowd
Many times our life is so packed up with motions that can cause us to loose our mind and thought processes but we must never confuse activities with productivities.

I remembered how I used to feel sad in the early days after I moved to the university hostel in the course of my masters program, because of the different activities and voices around, I could not settle down to do any meaningful writings and meditation and I became overwhelmed.

Firstly, I accepted my fate that I can't control the environment to give me the calmness and silence that I needed. Therefore I got an earplug to help me reduce the noise, and I was able to do meaningful works. That was my coping mechanism.

Been alone in the midst of crowd simply means having a mind of your own to do something's meaningful. Even though our environment influences us, but it should not always dictate our lives and action.

2. Seek help when you need one, don't try to be all
David Oyedepo once said "Those who don't find time to rest, will soon call us to lay them to rest".

In our quest to live on purpose, so many things will pop up, but we can't always digress to fix them all. Let us learn hire help and collaborate with others when necessary.

3. Continually live on purpose.
This can never be over emphasized. I disagree with people who says we should leave our comfort zone. I'll say people have termed the phrase 'comfort zone' to mean a place of laziness, complacency and fear. But that is a misinformation, your place of purpose is your comfort zone. A fish will never survive outside water.

Sometimes ago, I was privileged to be asked to give a presentation on relationships and productivity in a business school, where I explained the concept of inner-circles and networks as to how it can help us to be productive. I'll say that as much as you need outsiders to ignite your creativity, it is your activities in your comfort zone that gives you influence. Living outside ones comfort zone is stressful and frustrating.

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