When inspirations doesn't come, what do you do?

Because I had scheduled the day and time to post on my blog, this day I was a little stressed because I had not written anything during the week, the fact was that nothing seem to inspire me enough to grab my notepad and write.

Of course, I know there are still plenty things to write, and I have not even scratched the surface of the dreams and pictures I have in mind, and on days like this, the question is no longer if it is the end of my writings but rather if it the beginning of a new phase.

Funny enough, I am not really bothered when I can't come up with an article in a week, but I am concerned about that person who I don't know, but is expecting me to write. And I think I am concerned because my purpose is not just about me, though it includes me, but it is to serve some certain people.

Therefore, what do you when nothing comes up? I'll say freestyle...LOL, freestyle is not a word meant for rappers only, it is for anyone who want to create a flow when there seems not to be a direct flow but he aligns the tiny droplets to make a flow which I call a SENSE. The sense now becomes the title, be it a book or a song.

Freestyle is the advantage and secret of creative people. Take a look at many of the successful books that are topping the best seller list, go through the chapters and you will realize that many were thoughts or write-ups that were written at different times but brought together to make a sense.

Truth be told, inspirations are always flying around us. It is we the vessel that have the problem of when we grab or not grab it. This is expected, we are not robots, we are a being with a biopsychosocial system, in a layman language I'll say there is more to our actions than it meets the eyes.

This is the reason why I say for writers, singers and other creative people who need to come up with something but seems to be uninspired, freestyle by starting with how you feel at that moment and build on it with those tiny ideas that comes and see where it leads you.

When inspirations doesn't come, go to inspiration. Martin Luther King Jr, said "If you can't fly then run, if you can't run then walk, if you can't walk then crawl, but whatever you do, you have to keep moving forward"

NOTE: This post was birthed because I also felt uninspired with what to write today but I hope you got something from it...Remember to continually live your purpose!

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