Life is not all euphoria, life is work

I recently boarded a motorcycle to meet up with a friend on campus, it was a cool night and the breeze was blowing. That night I experienced what I called an euphoria, it was as though the journey should not end, I was all smiles as I felt this should be life, no worries, just trees, breeze and freshness...then I arrived at my destination and alighted to a world of activities and people...hmm

You see, my friend and I had plans to meet up at a particular time and place to pray. I would arrived early so that I can enjoy some time alone before she joins me. Even though I am always looking forward to that day of the week because I always come back with new inspirations, yet that euphoria moment says "this should just be it!"

It is a pity that life is not always breezing, smiles and cool...there are moments.

I always wonder how drugs like antidepressant works for people suffering with depression, and how hard drugs work for those who took them, I know the biology behind it, how the drugs, mimics, block or cause the productions of certain neurotransmitters in the brain, but this day, even though I wasn't on drug, I can tell that the atmosphere I was in caused the production of some neurotransmitters in larger quantities in my brain and if not that I was out for a purpose, I would have just told the driver to keep going!

Nobody deserves to be depressed, when King Solomon was depressed he made many enormous assertions about life. Many people have lost their mind and sanity while seeking these euphoric moments, they want to run away from activities, problems and people. But the truth is that no matter how high we get on drugs or certain acts that takes our mind away from life issues, we will be back to face it when those euphoric moments wears out.

There is a work everyone of us are called to do, doing these work will make us fulfill and experience a lasting joy, and not just a passing moment. But a man who does not know his work but keeps doing other peoples work will always seek euphoric moments as a way out.

Do you know your work?

In my euphoric moment that I described above, I was all smiles but nobody could see me flashing my teeth because it was dark, not even the driver. The question is this, can I be happy and all smiles during the day while I am going about my daily activities in the presence of people who can see my face?

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