Think like a CREATOR, own your work-life

I am scared. I am happy.


I am scared for what the future holds for those who have not own their work-life, likewise, I am happy for those who have defined their path, discovered themselves and are working in synergy with it.

Today I want to talk about the emerging "fourth industrial revolution". Those with deep insight, the thinking seer have hinted us on what to expect in what is called the robot age. And since it will greatly affect peoples work-life, I have to help you re-strategize if that is what you need to achieve greatness.

Well, after I heard about the fourth industrial revolution, deep inside I was like what is the big deal? I later went online to research more on it, and yet I still felt like what is the big deal?

It is no longer a new thing that innovative technologies are reducing and replacing human power, I have heard of heart breaking stories, some I will liken to a bomb waiting to explode. The fourth industrial revolution is what I call the mega explosion.

To survive it, you need to stop thinking like a machine, and start thinking like a CREATOR. Let me make it simple: the crazy machines and robots that will be release in future are created for a purpose, they are not all in all. You as human being was created for a purpose, you are not all in all. But the difference between you and a machine is that you have a creative ability in you.

Here is the question: what can I create that I will need the crazy machines to help me take over a good portion of the market share?

Robot should not displace you, they should work for you! And you should start developing yourself now because your work-life is a vital part of your existence.

Many are currently loosing their jobs, much more will loose their jobs, but that should not be you. You should leave your job because you are a creator, never to lose it because a machine is smarter than you.

How can I become a creator?

1. Discover purpose
2. Think smart
3. Develop skills
4. Create

Your ability to own your work-life will payoff more than you can ever imagine. Many people will cry, become depress and become victim of divorce when their partners cannot cope in the coming revolution, simply because they have not learnt to do well for themselves.

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