Are you a perfect timer or an extra timer?

In one of my Masters class, I and my colleagues got into argument with our lecturer on the right age to get married. He said a woman is supposed to be on the right career path and be married before age 24, while a man is also supposed be on the right career path and be married before age 26. He therefore insinuated that most of us (who were well passed those ages) are simply in our "extra time".


Well, the discussion emanated from a training on how to use some psychometric tests that measures and gather certain key information about an individual. Sincerely, after going through those tests, I and a colleague concluded that the man was not wrong. If we had someone to guide us through life using those tests early in life, there is a high probability that we would fair better career wise.

I remember the man pointed to some particular questions in one of the tests and said a person who is not able to fill those questions is on a wrong career path. The truth is that I was only able to fill that portion during my Masters education, and that was because I can say that was when I made the right schoolwork choice.

Well, for many of us it looked like we got it wrong early in life, yet I believe life is not always straight forward and smooth. I will definitely employed those psychometric tests when raising my children so as to guide them on the right career path. Although I believe career choice isn't always the same as discovering purpose.

Going back to the marital extra-time I raised at the beginning of this post, I would rather say thank God I did not married early while lacking the right tools to guide my children and other people's children. I would also lead my children to God early in life because He is the only one that can really chart the right path for one in life.

It is good to get it right in life, it saves you from a lot of headaches. Yet, I have come to conclude that call it 'perfect time', call it 'extra time' the best time is 'God's time'.

In conclusion, by the world's standard I may be late in some aspects of life, but by God standard, I have just arrived. When you know better, you do better.

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