Have you learnt to do well for yourself?

There is a saying that some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them. But after a careful observation of some persons activities and success, I came to a conclusion "learn to do well for yourself".

You see, in the university, it is common for students after they got an A, to personalize it and say "I got an A", but when they failed, they attribute it to some external source and say "I was given an F". This attitude should not follow an individual through life. Yes, things happen that are beyond our control but we should not always attribute everything that happen to us to externalities.

Many years ago, I have settled it in my mind never to be victim of pity parties, those who believes that some persons are responsible for their failure. I have one life to live. Believe me, when I'm gone, I'm done. But before I go I must live it well, leave a legacy behind because I am not coming back again. I don't even want to come back.

How do you do well for yourself?

Well, you probably already know about self development, acquiring knowledge and having a good reputation. These and more are the TOOLS that you need in order to well for yourself but there is an ULTIMATE SOURCE to doing well for oneself. I believe purpose is divine and as such it is spiritual.

I have learnt to pray to God to reveal himself to me as a Work-Life strategist and a media enthusiast. Yes, you read that right. You see, with the dreams and visions in my heart, I have come to realize that I can't live out those visions on my strength, it is beyond my power. But I believe I have them for a reason, God must be interested in it to put them in me. And since I am suppose to model him (looking up to Jesus as the author and finisher of my faith) then he has to reveal himself as the person He has called me to be.

This is deep.

I am not preaching, I am not trying to make you a Christian, it is a personal choice that you make for yourself. I am a Christian, it is my faith, and since I understand what it takes to make an impact in this world without compromising standards then I can only go the one and only sure way that I know, and that is God.

People only reckons and praise those who have learnt to do well for themselves. Therefore, if you are a spiritual person like me, then you should be able to get inspiration from your faith and spiritual practices. In this light I will recommend that you do a confession exercise during your prayer time.

For example if you are aspiring to be a renowned surgeon with breakthrough surgeries that has never been recorded before, then you can say "Lord, reveal yourself to me as a renowned surgeon with ground breaking surgeries". A person who wants to own a great business can say "Father, reveal yourself to me as a great business owner".

I can say for sure that you will never run out of ideas and inspirations or whatever things you need to know and have in order for you to be able to do well for yourself when you pray this way.

My faith allows me to pray this way, if you wish to pray this way but don't know how, feel free to ask me more questions.

Psalms 49:18 "men will praise you, when you do well for yourself".

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