Know yourself and every stimulus will not generate a reaction in you

If there is a lesson I took from being the class governor during my masters degree, it is emotional intelligence. If you are a leader or your job requires you to deal with people then this skill should come handy just like you need oxygen to survive.

Managing and leading people, especially people in the same cadre as you is not an easy task. It become worse when they know your weakness, I sure understand this. But how do you progress when it looks like some hell-sent individuals are bent on frustrating you?

Know and understand yourself

I can still remember that during a class on the four human temperament, I felt as though someone had whispered my secret to the instructor, and therefore he was using it as model to teach. Well, I know that is not the case, it just tells me I am normal, there are things that I am naturally predisposed to do, although wisdom calls for a readjustment when it is tending towards the negative side.

Like Paul said, "all things are lawful unto me, but all things are not expedient: all things are lawful for me, but I will not be brought under the power of any" (1 Corinthians 6:12). It simply confirm the fact that I should not give myself to anything that is been thrown to me.

I believe every one of us are different and unique in our bodily makeup, yet we are similar in our actions in so many ways. Therefore there are some pertinent information that though seems general, yet it is beneficial to everyone of us.

For example, an individual who is trying to find solution to his anger problem can leave one rehab center for another without progress if he or she doesn't understand his temperament. Whereas another person can die early due to hypertension for the same reason of not knowing his or her temperament.

I don't want to preach the advantage of you not reacting to every stimulus, but rather that you should take those personality test such as 'the four temperament' and the 'big five personality' test that will give you the insight to knowing yourself, so as to be a better you. And when you become the better you, you will be able to control or redirect the stimulus that would normally affect you negatively.

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