President Trump or Hillary, I know someone who is not bothered

It is no longer a news that the United State presidential election result came as a shocker to many of us, and I read the several headline that talked about the uncertainty that welcomes Trumps victory into the Whitehouse.

Trump is the new president elect, so what?

Following the unrest, agitation, perspiration and protests that followed the election result, I can tell that so many people are afraid of what will become of them, and probably what will become of their work-life, their ability to earn a living and have a guaranteed security.

To me, uncertainty means to be nervous, that is, the good worker is nervous, even the bad worker is nervous and this raised a question in me, is this the proper way to live?

Let me say this, it is not everyone that is living in uncertainty, those who had a strong reason for supporting Trump and voted for him are probably still making merriment, while those who had strong reasons for supporting Hillary and voted for her are probably still wondering what goodwill Trumps reign has for them.

Yet, in all these different shades of hope, I know someone who is not bothered. Be it Trump or Hillary, it does not in anyway affect him, and if at all he is concerned, it is probably because he feels sorry for those who had taken upon themselves the headache that comes as a result of too much of joy or worry.

He is not bothered because he is smart. He is smart because he has learnt to own his work-life. Smart enough to see life as a game, that requires some smart strategies. It doesn't matter what anyone thinks or says, as long as he lives he will continue to do well and learn to do well for himself.

Someone is probably thinking, "oh, you don't know what you are saying, they'll make policies and laws that will affect us all!"
Yes, they will, but for a smart person, he or she can always use the policies to further enhance his dreams. Not to kill his or her dreams.

Let me get this straight, being smart is not a function of good or bad works. Though it pays to do good works, but the fact that you are a good worker does not mean you are a smart worker. You can be a bad worker and yet be smart. But I will say again, it pays to be a good and smart worker.

What makes the difference?

A good or bad worker works with knowledge, a smart worker works with vision, while a smart child of God works with revelation. It takes vision to achieve a goal, it takes revelation to be persistent and dedicated to a mission. To own your work-life, both vision and revelation must be present. There can be a vision without a revelation, but there can be no revelation without a vision. A vision is like a result, while a revelation is like the process or let say a map for the vision.

This means that although a young woman can have a vision of herself been the CEO of her organization, policies may be passed that seems to favour the male gender and that can cloud her vision. But when she has a revelation of herself has the CEO, it doesn't matter the operating policy, she sees everything as working for her good.

Still on the united state election result, looking at the good and not too good reactions to the result, I can only wonder why some people feels the next four years (or eight years if the president elect decides to go for a second term), will dictate or summarize their whole life, be it for good or for bad. Let me say the next four, eight or fifty years, of whoever is the president should not determine your life. Let God, your creator determine your life and let Him forge your path.

I love what Donald Trump said in his victory speech, where he said he has seen that a lot of Americans have untapped potentials in them that needs to be developed and that he wants to take on the works of helping every single americans realize their fullest potentials. Yes, everyone of us has unique and innate potentials in us that needs to be brought out. And it is therefore left for every United State citizens to be open minded enough to allow the newly elect president do this good work for them.

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