Lesson from a manifesto night

During a manifesto night in a post-graduate students hall of residence of a renowned university in Nigeria, a physically challenged woman asked one of the candidates what her plan was for the physically challenged, the lady replied by saying "when we get to the bridge we will cross it".

The woman became angered.

Wrong answer. It was obvious the lady was not prepared for such question, and while analysing the situation with a friend, we felt she should have come up with something meaningful even if it was simply for the occasion. But really, can you cook up what you never thought about?

During one of my personal studies, I discovered two important things that will get us going well in our old age. The first is the thought that our active working years was well utilized, while the second is the impart we hope to make in the lives of the next generation. I therefore imagined a five years old girl asking a 45 years old woman who is not related to her this question "Ma, what plan do you have for my generation?" What will you say if you were to be the older woman or man?

Will you wait till you get to the bridge before you are able to answer that question? Talking of stagnation, isolation, despair and probably depression that many people in this present generation will face in their later years, I think it will be because of this inability to see life outside of themselves.

Some of us will say we currently have a lot on our hands, and probably a lot to do for our personal survival that does not give us the chance to think of the future generation. If that is your thought, you have not lied, but that does not nullify the fact that you are heaping up heartaches for yourself.

Without beating round the bush, the only way that I know will enable you look back at your work-life with a grateful heart and also make meaningful impact on the future generation is to have a life purpose that you are working with. You can't be on purpose and not impart other people's lives. Your purpose will determine your wellbeing when you are old.

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