Getting revelation for your work-life

It's a new year! Pardon me for just posting this. Well, I purposely delayed it because I don't want the message to get lost amidst the many others that you have probably been bombarded with.

Sometimes ago, most new year message was always about having a new year resolution but last year it was about creating a vision board, which means you should place those things that you want to do or achieve in front of you. And this year, I want to say you should seek and thirst for revelation and make it your vision.

You see, towards the end of last year I was inspired to write on revelation and vision, in fact I was trying to differentiate between the two. I strongly feel it is necessary to differentiate between the two so that when making certain life decisions we would know what we are working with.

When I say seek and thirst for revelation, I am not telling you to seek for the spectacular. I believe you can have revelations that does not come with the spectacular. Revelation says "what you should do", while vision say "what I will do". Therefore, when I say that you can have a vision without a revelation, it simply means you can decide to something without an instruction, command or direction.

And we may not know your revelation if you don't tell us your vision, because how are we suppose to know what you are asked to do, when you are doing nothing!

This post I believe is very relevant to our work-life and life generally. Especially if you want to be able to state categorically these two:

1. Why I am here: My life purpose.
2. While I am here: My life mission which are those things that I am doing to fulfil my life purpose.

It's a new year, if at all you want to create a vision board, I hope the content is based on the revelation you have gotten from God? Yes God. And if at all you want to create a new year resolution, then I hope it is also based on the revelation you have gotten?

"Revelation is supernatural, vision is spiritual. You need both"- Tope Elizabeth

Let me conclude by saying we are created for creativity. There is a creative ability in us, revelations gives you what to create, while vision helps you to birth it.

Have a wonderful year ahead as you work with your captured revelations!

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