Yes! Some have more than one head and here is why you should have many heads

I guess some of you are wondering what I meant by having many heads, well the meaning is not far fetched.

I remember listening to a song by a popular Nigeria musician, Adekunle gold, where he mentioned some famous billionaires such Dangote and Otedola and said they do not have two heads and in my mind I was like really?

I know he was also simply trying to say we can also be wealthy since those men who controls enormous wealth are also human. But the fact is that humans differs, the Godhead is the only being that is the same. Yes, literarily Otedola, Dangote and many other world billionaire have one head but figuratively they have many heads.

Therefore, if you also want to be as prosperously as they are then you also need to move into the level of having many heads. I guess the question in your mind now is what does it means to have many heads. Well it is as simple as you might have suspected.

Having many heads means the following:

1. Many heads thinking for you
2. Many heads working with you
3. Many head working for you

Let me explain these three point in details

1. Many heads are thinking for you, not because you are dumb but because they are "your purpose team". You see, just like John Maxwell said "when you purpose is bigger than you then you have a calling".

Many of us are busy forming a "purpose group" instead of strategically forming a "purpose team". Teams and groups looks similar but in their core, they are different. A purpose group is self-serving while a purpose team is purpose-serving.

2. For many head to work with you then there must be something about you that draws other to you. Which is the aura and the glory that emanates from partnering or associating with you.

3. Many heads will work for you when you are a lives-loving, you have a significant value that you offer because you are creative, and help other peoples lives to become better.

To move into this level of having many heads, we need a definite life purpose, a servant-leader mindset and a good people skill. Now that you know what it means to have more than one heads, then seek it if you think that level of wealth and influence is what you desire.

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