You may not be called to be an entrepreneur, yet you can make a tremendous impact

I recently heard someone say something like "when it comes to economy, politicians and religion has failed us, but the solution lies in the hand of entrepreneurs". But is that true? I am not about to say politicians and religion hasn't failed us. Maybe they have and maybe they have not, that is not my focus here. I am more particular about that thing that made us to believe that entrepreneurs are the new saviour.

I believe everyone will not and cannot become an entrepreneur, therefore, does that means that everyone cannot become a solution provider? No. I believe that although everyone will not be interested in being a solution provider, but as many people that are interested in being a saviour will become a solution provider without them being an entrepreneur. (If any of you lack wisdom, ask...James 1:5)

You see, I thought about people who have made tremendous impact in this world, people such as researchers, presidents, authors, actors, scientists, technologists and others who never craved the entrepreneurship lifestyle, yet their works spoke and is still speaking, even economically wise although some have gone to glory.

Don't get it twisted, I am not trying to beef entrepreneurs, I am also entrepreneurial in nature, but I have simply understand the unique abilities in entrepreneurs that makes them stand out, and which is domicile in everyone but profitable only to those who can utilize it to fulfil their purpose or calling. And I think entrepreneurship as a calling is not meant for everyone.

Let me say this, many people have become great business owners today because they partnered with entrepreneurs. They were not necessarily entrepreneurial in nature. Some had the resources, and built a system that was filled with spirited entrepreneurs.

So what is that thing that made entrepreneurs unique? It is creativity. Entrepreneurs are creative in nature, they generate ideas and work with it. (Live creatively...Gal 6:1 MSG)

I believe the reason why the world economy is unstable, the reason why we have economy melt down and poverty on the increase, is not because there are no money or products that will satisfy everyone. But rather because everyone is not creative enough. Many people are fixed and depressed on their job, while some have gone to start a business venture and ended up being more miserable simply because they were not creative enough. (Ask of me and I shall give you... Psalms 2:8).

I believe when it comes to creativity, everyone one of us have the same measure, but our ability to utilize it differs. It takes a measure of creativity to discover your purpose, it also takes a measure of creativity to fulfil it.

Nelson Mandela was not an entrepreneur, but his life had impact in the world and in the economy, many have profited from selling his life story. I can imagine Paul thinking of how many people have profited both financially and spiritually from reading, selling and translating his letters. There are people who although retired, yet, are still being called upon by people in their industry for advise and direction, because they are creative in nature and thus continues to be relevant.

Creativity is godlike, it is you operating and working like God (Psalms 82:6), bringing out ideas, solutions and material things from the spiritual realm to the physical world. That is what you were made for. You may not necessarily be an entrepreneur but please give us what God has deposited in you.

In conclusion, for people on a career path, one day you will retire, it is either you are waiting on pension for survival or you are being consulted by the youngsters in your industry, not to know the past but to know the future of the industry. Please, stay in your lane and live creatively.

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