Your Time, in Time, the Eternal

It used to be about time management until I heard someone say it is now life management and that you cannot manage time. Well, the later sounds good, after all I have heard the phrase time management so much that I have lost count, yet I don't know if I have succeeded as a time manager.

Therefore it is easy for me to embrace life management, after all, most of us need to learn how to manage our relationships, religion and health, which are some of the components of our life in other to be successful at anything.

Moreover, since I can say that the overall output of my actions, life, existence and whatever jargons is there to use is all that matters... But you see, only God knows the next thought line that will come and make me say "you know what, I'm tired of life management after all God owns my life, and only Him can control and manage it. Therefore it now *** management".

Recently, during a personal research I came about some discoveries and I was literally able to throw time out of the picture. See life without time and was able to bring time back to establish my own thought line. And it doesn't matter whatever it is that you have heard about time, I am mostly concerned about you, your life.

So how will my discovery profit you?

If you want to fulfil your life purpose, and live the winning life, then I think you should read on.

If you have ever wondered about time, thinking whether you have wasted time, or wondering if you still have time to do something worthwhile with your life. Well, isn't all those thoughts the result of you wanting to make meaning? And to live that meaningful life that you desire, I want you to know these three concept: Your Time, In Time, The Eternal.

1.) Your Time
As much as I would want to throw away time management, it may not be totally possible, because as long as we have what is called activities, be it your Job, relationships, and dealing with people, you will definitely be operating with time. There will always be deadlines and old age will set in. Even if I wish this adage isn't true, 'make hay while the sun shines', I can't but admit it.

As a living soul with a physical body and an expiry date (death) you operate with time.

2.) In Time
This is where the talks about making impacts and living a life of legacy becomes relevant. To me, this is something I feel many people are ignorant of, there is an everlasting life that operates with time. It fades away when there is no longer the issue of life (breathe) and death. Philosophers calls it sempiternal.

Without being bias, let me say this, my forefather once lived and I do not know anything about him (maybe my surname). Yet, heroes like Oduduwa and Moremi also came many years ago, and as long as the Yoruba tribes exist, they can never be forgotten. They are not only in history, they have being immortalized as gods! (Worship only God).

Oh, maybe you don't know them? But you know of Martin Luther king Jr., Nelson Mandela, Walt Disney, Rockefeller, mother Theresa and others? There are people now who though are still alive are already living in time. Do I need to mention them?

Maybe you are still wondering what it means to live in time. Let me say this, one day, I won't be alive anymore, new generations will come and go, the thing is, what will they say I did in preparation for them? I own my answer, turn the question around and answer it.

"What made your life meaningful is not the money in your pocket, but the message in your head and heart"- Tope Elizabeth

As a living soul, living a purpose-filled life, you live in time.

WARNING: I am about to write in realms that some of you may not understand, you can decide to stop reading now or read and pray for clarity.

3.) The Eternal
Here is totally different from the previous two. Do I need Paul's letters, Nelson Mandela conflict resolution style, or mother Theresa's legacy after my death? No! But here is the fact, we are all going to live in eternity, because we are spiritual beings and spirit don't die. The only difference is how we are going to live it.

There are two interesting things about eternity, they are called Life and Death.

There are two type of life, one is life as in living (breathe), the other is Life as in relationship with God. There are also two types of death, one is the physical death, also called the cessation of breathe, I call this end of hope. The other is the separation from Life (having no relationship with God), and I call this no hope.

When a person dies physically here on earth, their spirit lives on, and at the end of days (time), eternity for them can be heaven or hell. It just means that an individual who has the God kind of life (relationship), get to spend eternity with God, while the one without it get to spend eternity in the lake of fire (second death). But this post is not focused on heaven and hell, even though I pray everyone reading this will make it to heaven with God.

In conclusion: In relation to time management and life management, if you only care about your daily needs, job, finance, achievements and similar things, you can decide to focus only on managing your time. But if you care about fulfilling your life purpose and making impact, you can focus on life management, which can take you closer to living in time. But remember, it is those choices that you make while alive that will determine your eternity.

So here is the deal, always do the needful (Luke 10:42) as it relates to your time, in time and eternity, and it does not matter what is going on around you, keep your eyes on your time, in time and the eternal.

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