Be clear on who you are and not just what you do

I recently saw a video where a popular life coach talked about a question she was asked sometimes ago, it was intended for her to make clarity on whether she was a speaker that writes or a writer that speaks. At that point, I paused the video so that I could ponder on the point and answer it for myself.

I have written stuffs that are awaiting publication, one of my vision is to release a minimum of ten books at the same time and I think I already done good on the materials. I am currently on a vision to write a study Bible, which I pray materialize in about five years from now. So do I pass as a writer?

I do say that I enjoy talking more than writing, I think there is a connection between my mouth and my being. And writing for me was birthed because of the need to express my thoughts, ideas and inspirations. Now, I feel it seems I write more because that is the cheapest platform that is available for me give expression to my purpose. So in my core, do you think I pass more as a speaker?

You see, while thinking about whether I should see myself as a writer or as a speaker, I decided to give up on what tag to put on so I thought to myself that the most important thing about me is my purpose since that was actually what brought about the writing and talking. I have messages to share because I have a purpose and that is all that matters.

With that thought line I continued the video and by the time woman gave her answer, we were on the same page. Then I said to myself 'I passed'.

The truth is this, I have seen others written awesome piece and wonder how creative and beautiful the piece were but it never make me look down on myself or feel like I am in a competition. I once said to myself, I am more of 'the writer' than 'a writer'. I described a writer as a person who loves to write, a tireless hobby, writing to them is like food. You can almost say they started writing from the womb. They write to express themselves and to unleash or hide their pains. A good example is a novelist.

And I described the writer as someone who write as a result of a flow state, a burning message. The writer writes because some things needs to be said or known. I write to express my thought as inspire by my interests, passion and purpose. I do not write all my thoughts. Some good examples are researchers, academia, self help authors, and religion leaders.

Now you see, writing and talking may seem to some a talent, while to some it is a skill, and to some others, they are simply an avenue to express there calling. There is nothing wrong with any of the three. The main thing I want you to pick from this article is to be clear on who you are and not just what you do.

So here is how I summarize it all, discover your purpose and stay creative on your lane.

"While I am here, and when I am no longer here, the people now, and the generations to come will remember me for my message (impact), rather than the avenues in which I delivered them"- Tope Elizabeth

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