Hi Teammates! Something new is coming!

It feels good to address my wonderful readers as my teammates. I tell you, you guys are the finest people in this digital age!

As from today, I'll call you guys teammates because that is what we are together. The vision of this whole blogging and other activities that will soon spring up is to help connect people with their purpose and the unlimited creative power that is residence within them (to shape work-life for greatness). I believe we are all on a mission and it does not matter how similar or totally different it may seem, the focus is to do the work and by doing it we glorify God.

This is what a team stand for, different people with different specialities, working together on a project for the same purpose, the vision and progress of it organization. This is what differentiate an ordinary group from a team! The visionary is God. It was the vision He had that made Him gave His only son for our salvation. And for us to better serve Him, we need to key into our role which is to spread the love so as to save the souls among our sphere of influence! That is the gospel. And this is why we are teammates, because everyone of us must fulfill that purpose.

Here is the deal, I am doing mine when I ensure that the message (a continuous revelation and knowledge of God) is not distorted, but well communicated and digested (fulfilling my God given purpose). You are also doing yours when you have discovered your purpose and living it out (fulfilling God given purpose for your life).

It is my prayer that we all live creatively in our everyday life and that we don't lose focus.

Something new is coming!

If it is not the rapture...LOL! Then here it is:

1. I will be rebranding this blog, and very soon I will be moving to a new site (somebody praise God!).

2. I will be releasing interesting resources to further reinforce the message. (Wait for it!)

So teammates, I know I probably did not communicate anything about the vision for this blog at beginning of the year, well, here it is and much more is coming. I give it when I have it, it's not my vision, it's God vision, I am a just a messenger as a result of grace.

I love you teammates!...this is one interesting lifelong journey together!

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