Turn followers to leaders and start a chain reaction!

I do hear this saying that "great leaders don't lead followers, they build other leaders". But I think in this present time (media age), we need to start gathering followers but not let that be all they are, we should help in transforming them into leaders.

Do you have a contrary opinion?

You see, one day while contributing to a discussion about church goers, I said some goes to church to serve God, why some goes because it is a social gathering. A friend said some goes because they needed treatment. Now, the treatment she meant was not the typical "I am sick pastor pray for me". But more like "I am messed up, I need help".

Here is the thing. I use the media a lot, even though it seems I am a passive player when you get to my page (which is about to change). I noticed how popular celebrities who shares a lot of vainness yet have millions of followers, whereas the popular 'man of God' cannot boast of half the followings.

Can we say it was because their posts were boring? I doubt it, rather I feel we are yet to take over the media aggressively. Yes I meant the aggressive part. Just because those seemingly cool stars ain't sweating doesn't mean they are not intentional with gathering followers.

We may say just maybe Christians ain't active online. Really? There is hardly any civilized person now who does not use the internet. Let me be more clear, why should Don Moen have less than a million followers on instagram and Beyonce has over 90 million followers? I knew Don Moen probably from the womb (of course that's a joke) and he is still alive and still sings!

What you follow, follows you.

Don't get it twisted, there is no beef here. I know Beyonce is a good singer, I'm only citing an example. I can't but say, if it continues this way, can we boldly say we are reaching more people who need to accept Christ or we are simply treating the same set of people?, those who get well but goes back into the media world to get messed up again.

Oh, I know you are probably thinking those celebrities ain't forcing themselves on people and following them is by choice but I think it's time we deliberately throw ourself on people if that is what it will take to share the gospel of love (purpose) and salvation that God has given us.

A friend said people in this age now live more in the virtual world. Yes, the media is a goblal village. And if you know that God has blessed you with a life purpose, it might be of importance to take it to cloud.

Why am I so passionate about media?

Imagine on a particular day all Christians decide to follow their pastors (to start with) on social media and the pastor shares a post or pictures that is inspiring and we all go on to repost their message on every media platforms, I tell you, millions of people will be touched and converted. This is how it is supposed to be, not an imagination or a one day event, but a daily lifestyle.

You can say I have the choice to refuse getting messed up online, yes. But we can start a revolution now and save our children the stress of 'sieving the net'. We can help them fill the media with postive and godly things so that they don't have to search among soul-staining images before they see God online because their timeline and homepages are now purpose friendly.

It is up to you and I to start gathering followers because we have a God-inspired purpose to share with them, which will turn them into leaders and they will also carry on the baton. Let us start a chain reaction!

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