What business do you have with hell?

As at the time of writing this post, my right hand is in pain, I can hardly do much with it, it's like my middle finger got dislocated at the MCP joint (had to look that up), I can hardly fold my hand and I can't really do much with the hand. Now I know how useful my left hand can be.

Well, I have heard words such as "don't worry, by tomorrow the pain will be gone". And even though it doesn't look like something that will go away tomorrow but I am still hopeful I'll get my hand back soon. And now, that word 'hope' is the reason I'll manage to type and finish this post.

You see, for sometimes now I have noticed the way some people and especially certain celebrities talk about them going to hell in a way that says they'll love it or they prefer it. And each time I can only wonder if they know exactly what they are saying. For example Mark Twain in what I believe must be a joke said "Go to heaven for the climate and hell for the company". My dear teammates, nobody is forming or enjoying any company in hell.

Maybe you think I'm afraid of hell, probably because of the way the bible portrayed it as an unending horror of burning fire. Well, that's not what I am mindful of, it is the lack of hope that gets me any time I hear the word hell. To go to hell means to be eternally separated from God. Means there is no hope of ever getting out, no hope of mercy (Isaiah 38:18).

Before, when I think about the word 'second death' (lake of fire) I use to think that is where those in hell get to die and be free from their suffering. Until I discovered that death is not the cessation of life, spirit don't die, death is separation from life (God, Zoe, the God-kind of life).

But really, this post is not to create fear, after all, hell is not meant for everybody and certainly not me and you because we have the God-life in us and we are fulfilling purpose. If we are mindful of anything pertaining to after life (physical death), it's the joy and rewards that awaits us in God's Kingdom.

I once had a friend in my undergraduate days who would paint heaven as a place that is unattainable and hell as a home for all. Therefore, I feel when a person says they are going to hell, it is probably as a result of the things they have done or they feel that's where their worth lies.

The truth is that anyone who accepts Jesus as their Lord and saviour gets to make heaven and it doesn't matter how much you and I condemned that person because of their acts, but as long as anyone is still a living soul and is still present in the body, they can be redeem. Redemption is for the living and it doesn't matter if the regeneration of the spirit happened at the last minute or second, but as long as an individual get to say "Lord Jesus, I believe you came to earth to die for my sins and to usher me into an everlasting life with God, I receive you into my heart today and I surrender all to you for you to be the anchor of my life. Thank you for your love as I walk in this truth, now and forever. Amen". They make heaven. That simple prayer is what I call "yes sir!"

Once again dearest teammates, it doesn't matter how those living with a poor illusion of hell tries to paint it as a place where they rock and roll together. It's no business of yours, because you are forever God's beloved one.

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