What gibberish are these supposedly influential folks saying?

I am not about to sign up as an antagonist, yet as much as I am for a cause, I can't but notice those who are against the cause. I probably wouldn't care if they were ordinary people. Pardon me, nobody is ordinary, we are all unique and wonderful. I am simply referring to those people who have large audience and many people looking up to them.

You see, so far I have noticed three influential people who has given out a big misconception and error when it comes to life purpose. Let me say this, anybody can preach, career, entrepreneurship and some other life's endeavors, but I stand to say, not everybody can preach about purpose.

"For who hath known the mind of the Lord, that he may instruct him? But we have the mind of Christ"- 1Corithians 2:16

These people go on to say, you don't need to worry about knowing your life purpose, you simply need to find a worthy cause to devote your self into. Isn't that crazy?

This made me pity their audience and the coming generation. Because I can imagine what will happen if everyone tries to live out their own created purpose and mission.

You see, we have to understand that because an individual is rich and famous does not means they have figured out their life purpose, and it doesn't mean they can lecture you about your life. Some were simply lucky to found wealth. When it comes to purpose, they are as blind as darkness itself.

Two story came to my mind while writing this post. When Jesus told a rich man to follow him and he refused (Matthew 19:16-22). You see, this guy was a nice guy before he met Jesus, but being rich, nice and cool is not enough. He lacked purpose.

Some people may seem to have it all, yet deep down, they know they are not on purpose. And as much as they would like to live on purpose, they are afraid of what their purpose will cost them, some try to venture into charity to fill the void, why some put on a defence mechanism against their purpose and these are the people we are suppose listen to?

The second story is found in Matthew 7:21-23, these guys claimed to be working for God, but in reality were doing the task they were not sent. They refused to seek out God's purpose for their life. But set up a mission that seems good to their self gratification.

I am not saying we should become a robot, do good works, but know that every seemly good works is not your life purpose. And moreover, never let any body console or preach you out of purpose.

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