What have you done? Who cursed you?

During a group chat, after an old friend shared her brother's murder story, we were all overwhelmed with grief. In my heart, I wanted the guy that committed the murder to rot in jail. Some cursed the guy that he will never know peace and I said a silent amen. Even though I knew something else, I still said the amen. What was it that I know?


Now I know my work is hard, it doesn't matter how I feel, the truth is what it is and the truth is not always sweet, in fact, it is many times bitter. It is days like this that I marvel at what we call 'God's mercy'. Because it does not matter how we feel and what we feel about an individual, yet, it does not change God's perception about them.

This is why we should not only judge people, but we should not allow ourself to be the victim of another man's sin. It can be your end, but it can be the beginning of a new chapter for them. I know of a popular pastor who was once an armed robber, he killed lots of people, made many fatherless, but now he preaches and people repents of their sin. What about those souls he wasted that never got the chance to taste salvation before they died? The person who sent them to hell is going to heaven!

Not fair? Life is not always fair. Yet God is fair, let me say this, never at any point delay your salvation if you are still unsaved. You can say this prayer if you know you need it:

"Lord Jesus, I believe you came to earth to die for my sins and to usher me into an everlasting life with God, I receive you into my heart today and I surrender all to you for you to be the anchor of my life as I walk the purpose for which you have created me. I know that there is no life outside of you, you are my life. Thank you for your love as I walk in this truth, now and forever. Amen"

Welcome to the new life! Find a bible believing Church near you and fellowship with fellow believers.

Alright. Back to the message of this post. You see, many of us have done stuffs we aren't proud of and many of us could have done worst if not for Christ. So here is the deal, what have you done? And who cursed you and made you feel like you can never be saved? Man can say it, I can say it, but God loves you and He calls you His holy son through Christ. I may not feel like saying it, but it is true, and God has the final say!

Now that you know it and you're ready to accept this true, it's time you start a personal walk with Him. Ask Him for the package He has for you (purpose). And always remember that God has special plans for His children and your purpose lies in the knowledge of Him!

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