Your purpose lies in the knowledge of HIM

Sometimes ago, when I looked at the future it always looked dim and getting older seems to be a burden. I remember reading about the typical work-life of a woman and feeling sorry for women and wondering if it was a crime to be a woman.

Now I can't say I know all that the future holds for me but I know the one who holds it and I have seen him at work in many peoples life so much that I can say I am anticipating being in my oldies. Because when I visualize my old age, I don't see myself as a burden, retired and jobless. Rather, I see a hope giver and one who continues to empower others.

This is possible because I have discovered that living on purpose is the best chart one can ever tread. This is because God is ever ready to renew your strength like that of an eagle. When living on career, there are times when you will need to take a pause or may need to go on vacation to renew your energy, but when you are on purpose, it doesn't feel like a burden, the thought of your purpose energizes you.

I can imagine myself like Caleb in my 80s still saying, I have the energy and there is still work to be done because with God, no one is useless or incapable. And this is why you must not allow anything to hold you back. Not even your past or present!

It is time to live intentionally and deliberately. Deliberately chase after God, deliberately do what you were created to do and deliberately ask him to help you.

You need it.

You see, we live in such a world that just when you thought you have heard it all, seen it all or read it all, someone comes with their own panorama and you know you are yet to explore. But in all these rollercoasters, something never changes and that is God. This is why you have to stick to him.

Moreover, never try to 'fit in' at the expense of your purpose or calling. You see, sometimes ago I wished my writings could be neutral without elements of spiritualities, just keeping it professional and yet impactful but the more I write the more I know it cannot be normal, therefore I have decided to surrender to the my flow state.

I feel there is still more to be said concerning today's post, I hope to write an update when I have the release. But please don't forget the core of this message, and it is that the more the knowledge of God you possess, the more you will discover and will be able fulfill your purpose.

Ephesians 1:17-19, 3:14-21

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