Am I been bamboozled about purpose discovery?

On a serious note I just have to ask this question: Am I been bamboozled about purpose discovery? You see I know I have written a lot about it, and I am probably still going to write a lot about it as God permits. Funny enough, anyone who hears me talk about purpose discovery would think I started from Rick Warren purpose driven life movement.

The truth is that, my church recently started the 'what on earth am I here for?' forty days journey, using Rick's book so it gave me the opportunity to buy the book. While reading the book, I felt like I and Rick discussed the first two chapters before it was written. Amazing isn't it? The evidence I have are in the two articles I wrote and submitted to my pastor, which he requested for a publication. Those two articles which I wrote before reading the book were what I'll call my version of Rick's chapter one and two.

I do feel like people don't get the concept of purpose discovery, and it usually makes me skeptical of reading books that talks about it especially those that looked at it from the 'self perspective'. But Rick is by far the author I will say got it! And this is why I am learning to trust God more for inspiration for my flow state.

Yet, for a moment I still have to ask the question of whether I am been bamboozled about purpose. Even though I know God led me to writing about it. Maybe the question isn't really for me, maybe I am simply looking at it from another person's perspective, all the same I know there is something I should get across.

Somebody I know said this "knowing my purpose will help me stay focused and to careless about the happenings around me...I pray I find my purpose". Because I know the person, I have to wonder a little and I'll say it takes humility to speak that way. You see, I have said it before that a great career isn't the same as purpose. That a person built a great business doesn't mean they are living purposefully, they may simply be applying some principles that works!

Sometimes ago, I was inspired to write something similar to this "God created us for a purpose and life as been leading us towards it, we simply need to ask God and be patient to observe and listen"

Here is the deal, for anyone to ask about their purpose means they needed answer. But at the same time I'll like to say something important and it is that we should grasp what purpose really means. And I will say, "Purpose means the plan of God for your life that He revealed through revelations and directions". The revelation and direction is not always spectacular and I think this is the problem or confusion many of us have with purpose discovery.

As much as God's purpose for your life is much more than a career, some of you are already in the career path God wanted you to be. What you need is constant revelation and direction because in purpose there is no retirement. That you retired from a career doesn't mean God's purpose for you in that field is over! Though you are not active in service nor do you go to office, yet God still sees you as His vessel. The platform may change, but His purpose for you continues, retirement is not a stoppage it is an evolution or a transition into something more which you can only get from God.

Therefore, even though you are on the right career path, discovering purpose is allowing God to takeover and until that happens there is a possibility you haven't scratched the surface of what you are on earth to do. And I bet you do not want to keep giving your powers away. Do you? No.

To answer the question I asked earlier, no, I am not being bamboozled about purpose discovery. In my next post I will talk about something else that I called Loss aversion in purpose discovery, which I believe you also need to read. Stay tuned.

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