What will I do to my pregnant teenage girl?

Now this is one big question, that is easy to say "you can't answer until you are in the condition". Well, I disagree with that, maybe because I am a woman, or maybe because of what I know and I have seen especially in the society and I have decide to make a better choice as mother.

I don't pray my teenage girl comes home to me when I'm expecting a conversation like "mum, dad I made a straight A" and instead it's a "mum I'm sorry I disappointed you, I'm pregnant". What! I can imagine the heartbreak and anger I would feel. Yet that is not the issue on ground, the thing is what will be my reaction? Push her out? Make her marry the boy or man who got her pregnant?

I once asked a woman next door this question, after I observed the alarming rate at which young girls in the vicinity where I lived were getting pregnant, and she said if her daughter ever get pregnant as a teenager, she would send her packing.

This is what I know, things happen, the child you think knows nothing, probably knows more than you and especially in this media world, you can never tell. I remember when I was in secondary school, during holidays I would pick up erotic magazine and insert it among my school notes and read beside my mum. My mum was a teacher, she loved it when I read, but she doesn't check what exactly I was reading.

So you see, I believe it was God who said "enough" and took away my desire to stop them. What if I had went on to practice them? Wouldn't I have been pregnant, maybe even something worse could have happened? This is one of the days I say "Thank God for Jesus".

Not too long after the first conversation, while discussing again with my neighbor she said the same topic was discussed on radio a day after I asked, and the wisdom she learnt was similar to the things I said. At least I'm happy I gave someone a new thought line.

You see, everyone one of us came to earth with a purpose, at some point we might have done things that doesn't relate with the reasons for which we came to earth. And the decision we take or are forced to take is critical to whether we are going to fulfill our calling or whether we are going to walk through life aimlessly. Parents are supposed to lead and guide their kids, they are the first support system a child has.

Everything may not be as planned, she may get pregnant, he may impregnate someone, that doesn't mean they are matured enough to move into adulthood. Education should not stop, marriage is not the next thing to consider, don't release them to deal with life till you know they are physically and mentally capable. As a parent, the choice your children made is not always your fault, the blame is not on you. Yet you should not allow them to live with the consequence of their actions especially when they are still supposed to be under you.

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