Why I won't date any of my ex again

I have seen many people's reactions to the idea of them ever dating their ex again, and most of the time it's always a negative response. The thought of getting back with an ex even disgust some. And each time I can only wonder why the people we would once climb the highest mountain for now became someone we don't even what to see alive?

Well, I never dated a cracked head or an abuser therefore non of my ex disgust me and I doubt if they will ever be. As for me, it didn't work out because I really didn't know where they fit in my life. I knew where I fit in theirs, a good girl friend and future wife. But I knew that was not all there is to be about me.

It has always been said that it is better to be single and pray to be married than to be married and praying to be single. No, I don't want that for anyone.

I'm happy when I see my ex being well-off, and I am not saying this to make mouth, I'm happy because I can say "we once dated". I don't want to see a battered guy while I am richly blessed and wondered if I was once stupid to date him. I know I use to wonder how Alinko Dangote or Bill Gates ex-girlfriends would feel now, maybe it is only the ones who felt they would never amount to much that would feel bad, because really, if any of my ex happens to be the richest man tomorrow, I don't think I will feel bad, I will be happy fulfilling God's purpose for my life.

Why should I be the no-purpose-wife of a rich man? What is the assurance that I will ever live in God's plan for my life if I had traded my soul for the guy with big dreams?

Maybe a lot of girls should not even hate their ex, I mean even those who had a messy breakup, maybe they should see it as God's way of saving them of the pains and regret that lies ahead, one which is far greater than what they currently suffered or had suffered and should just move on. Yes, move on but make sure you are moving on with God.

Most of us needs our minds and creativity to be successful in everything we do, even in serving God. The life here is temporal and we should not spend it doting over or getting bitter over what is no longer part of our life. Without this clarity, you may find yourself getting back with an ex or getting on with someone like your ex.

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