Amazed, yet grateful!

I am currently still amazed with what I'm about to share today. It was something that shocked me in a way, but also left me grateful.

On my secondary school group on whatsApp, one the girls who was also my mate asked about the prayer we do pray in school, then I thought "prayer? What prayer". Then someone sent in a snapshot of the prayer, it happened that she wrote it at the back of her Bible and of course, the Bible isn't something you readily lose and that explains why she still has the prayer. It goes this way:

"Lord eternal, full of love and mercy. Teach us to love and imbibe unselfishness, blend in us honesty and integrity. Instill in us the culture of obedience, help us appreciate diligence and perseverance. Develop our innovative ability and make our school a citadel of excellence. To your glory make us partners in national development. Amen"

What shocked me was that I can't remember praying those prayers! The words sounded strange. I couldn't believe I once recited a prayer about innovative ability and national development! Many of the girls seems to remember well, and I couldn't remember reciting those wonderful prayers even for a day.

Now, I'm wondering if I need help! How did I forget this it! Although it has been about 12 years since I finished high school, but I spent five years in that school for crying out loud. Given what I do now, I'm wondering if those prayers were the secret foundation of my purpose.

I initially thought it was a prayer we recited on Sunday, so I guessed I probably missed it there, because I was used to going late and skipping chapel. I could remember well how about two occasions I laid under the bunk bed, and arranged buckets in front of me when the principal or any of the teachers came to drive us out, just so I could stay in the hostel. But when I heard it was something we prayed every morning on assembly ground, I can't be more surprised.

Although, I would love to refer to this as a mindless recitation, yet I would say it worked for me and it is still working for me. Maybe there is a prayer you have also prayed sometimes ago, that is working for you now? I guess you don't know too.

But really, there is one thing that I am grateful for now, and it is my new nature in Christ. I don't run from church anymore and I don't pray mindlessly any more. The only times I don't know what I'm praying is when I pray in tongues. Praise God.

If there is anything I want you to take from this post, it is the truth that God's love, mercy and salvation is real. I can pray now and believe my prayer is answered because I know who I am in Christ. A girl saved by grace unto good works!

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