Living the life!

Can I tell you to drop everything you are doing now and check out this book: what on earth am I here for? It's a book by Rick Warren that is meant to help you live a purpose driven life.

I got exposed to the book through my church, we actually did a forty days journey of purpose discovery with the book and now I am introducing it to you!

Well, I have also been a purpose advocate for a while now, I have done personal research on the topic and I have tried to communicate it to you as much as I can, Rick Warren just made it easy for you to get to gather.

Obviously, this book aside from the Bible is by far the best I have seen out there on the topic. Yet, I don't expect you to take everything hook and line because Rick wrote it and I advocated for it. Good book, but you would probably have one or two things you want to question or do a personal research on, but please be ready enough to be blessed through the book.

I specifically wrote this post for you, I know it would definitely guide us into the kind of live we should be living, and not the usual instagram lifestyle that shows luxury and we say "she's living the life". There is no harm in living in luxury if you can afford it and you are blessing others with your wealth. But it will not be good if you think until you live that way, you are merely existing and not living. No! As long as you are on purpose rich or not, strong or weak. You are living life.

One more reason why I want you to discover purpose? I believe your true self is Christ-like and you can be focused living it when you live according to His plan for you. Purpose put you in line, it makes you depend on God and it is the only way to live your true potential.

Jesus said as God has taught him, he speaks, and has God has sent Him, He also sent you and of course He gave you the Holy Spirit for this reason and it simply means you can only benefit from the truth of this revelation as you know more about God, which is only possible when you are on purpose, living according to God's will for you.

I hope one day, I will also organise a forty days journey with my teammates so that we can grow together.

In conclusion: the book will guide you, and put you on track to be interested in knowing your purpose. But you should know the work of discovery is in your hand. Only God gives purpose, personally the book made me realize I was not crazy talking about it and that I am on track. So I want you to also enjoy what I enjoyed from reading it. I hope you check it out at your nearest bookstore?

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