This is what will make others listen to you.

Recently, I used my money to promote a song for someone on Facebook and Instagram. Apart from doing it to get others to download the song, I was interested in knowing how promotion works because I have stuffs I would want to promote soon. From this, I learnt the wide gap between reach and engagement.

An 100,000 individuals can see your promotion and just 2,000 may decide to check it out. This stat got me thinking hard, until I realized that some people don't stress themselves much before they get their audience to respond to them, we can say it is because they are celebrities.

Yet, what made them a celebrity? It is their impact, some call this result. Oprah said almost everyone she has interviewed asked her "is that OK". This I will say is the innate desire in us to make impact. You want to talk and you want someone to listen, learn or change.

But it is a pity that many people think they can grab an individual's attention by being a critique.

You see, in the days of Elijah and Elisha, when a prophet goes about to proclaim judgement, even if you don't want to listen you will still hear, there was no headphones to block your ear nor remote control and TV to change the channel.

Moreover what made the people to even consider repentance was the warning of an impending danger or punishment. Which they believed because of the 'personality' of the prophet proclaiming the doom. They think something like this "we know Elijah! If he is says God want to punish us, then it is true, we better repent". This personality is what we call impact. Nowadays, even though we can plug our ears away from your message and change the channel and scroll past your promotions, your impact and personality will be the only thing to make us listen and yield to a correction or make us change.

Let's start producing results, this is what will give us impacts in this world. Ask God for wisdom to produce results. Because when you continually impact others, your audience will not be far fetched and your message will be heard.

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