How much did I pay for my purpose?

Recently, when I consider the things I do and intends to do (if Jesus tarries), I said to myself "this is a great privilege". Now, I'm sure you have probably heard that nothing comes free? So how much do you pay to live on purpose?

Interestingly, Paul said "I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith". (2 Timothy 4:7). This is a good testimony from someone who lived on purpose, yet he did not say he paid anything to enter his purpose. This is because your purpose is a finished work of Christ, the work had been completed ages before you were born. All you and I do is living it out in the physical realm. And this is why I call it a privilege to be selected to live it out.

Going back to the question on how much I paid to discover purpose, I paid nothing! Not in cash form and not in sweat form. Though, I am required to work, be focused, have faith and make the word of God a preeminence in my life. Yet, I won't call them price, it wasn't like I had things going on well or a life well figured out before discovering my life purpose. It was all about the grace of God.

Jesus has paid all the price there is to be paid. I would rather we see our life in Jesus and work in God vineyard as a 'selection'. More like a recruitment than what you paid for so that you can own it. No, you do not own it, your life and purpose belongs to God, He created you and I for His glory.

What about tribulations, criticism and even death that may come as a result of living on purpose, ain't they a price?... Hmm, well I think they are part of the package. Jesus has already told us things that are likely to happen to us as believers, so it should not be a surprise but rather we should pray for God's grace and mercy to see us through.

Discovering why we were placed on earth is the best thing that can happen to a man, because that is how you get to live well, fulfilled and live with God forever in eternity. Ask God and He would reveal it to you.

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