Jesus brand: The foundation of my personal brand.

Today, I have decided to share how I cement my ideas. You see, there are two ways by which I cement what I want to do and what I am currently doing.

The first is that when I get an inspiration that I love, I look for supporting scriptures to seal my faith. The second way is that while reading the Bible I can just come up with ideas that are profitable and applicable.

And this was how I am able to write down my purpose belief and also many of the things I intend to work on in the future.

As I heard sometimes ago, that it is better to have contents than to simply wake up one morning and decide you want to brand yourself. Someone I respected also said something about having an ambition and not just 'being around'.

Although, I would like to trade the word ambition for purpose. Branding is good, it sets you apart from the crowd. And since I am a faith blogger, my first brand is the Jesus brand.

The word of God is ever potent. The will of God will always come to fulfillment. Now, I won't say just take a word from the Bible and start doing it because you know it is God's word. Except that word is a confirmation of what was inspired in you before. You see, there is a place of been sent. One of such way is to pray it, and let God expand it in your heart.

Back to the Jesus brand talk, anybody can adopt the Jesus brand. And by anybody, I mean Believers who are Holy Spirit filled. Yes, you also need the Holy Spirit if you don't want to fizzle out.

Now after making Jesus brand my first brand, then my personal brand which is what makes me connect with the world can come to light. The work is not about me, it is about God and anyone who looks at me should see Jesus, I am not the Object, Jesus is.

I'll advise you to also research more on Jesus brand and let me know what you found out. How do you think it will help your career, business and life generally?

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