What has He told you and what is He saying to you now?

I recently made a short post on Facebook, where I encouraged us to start writing down what Jesus is telling us because it may be what will end up saving us when we need help. I could not go into details because I intends my social media posts to be short and concise. But I have decided to say the reason behind that short post here.

Here goes the full Facebook post:

"After listening to what Jesus told the TD Jakes , Paula White-Cain and Fakayode Kunle of this world. I hope we also remember to listen to what Jesus is saying to us personally.
Sometimes, it is what Jesus told you directly that will save you.
Moreover, it is that which he told you that will make others listen to you too!"

I was at a pastor's birthday on Sunday, and after observing the level of grace there, especially on some of the people who came. Somehow, I felt intimidated, I felt like one who has done nothing and I felt like who am I to do those things I plan to do. For that short moment I felt like one with no strong network, connection or help.

But within that short period, an article I wrote sometimes ago came to my mind and I felt encouraged, it was the article where I talked about what destiny launchers will say when they meet with us . Although I wrote it then to help someone but it was what came to help me. The summary of it all is to keep doing what I am doing, focused on God and my purpose, and it will be just a matter of time before that which I desire show up for me.

Added to this was what the invited speaker, Pastor Funke Felix Adejumo said, "that there is no strong person, only helped people". Our focus should always be on God.

Now, about that Facebook post, we know from Hebrew 1: 1-3, that God now speak to us directly through Jesus. And to know what Jesus is saying is to study Him through your Bible and depend on the Holy Spirit to make the message clear and understandable to you.

I love to listen to powerful messages by men of God, many have always been insightful and revelational. I believed I was blessed because Jesus told them those messages, but I would be more blessed when I can learn to listen to Jesus directly when He speaks to me too. Because after all, He is the author and finisher of my faith.

Therefore, always endeavor to study your Bible, pray and trust the Holy Spirit to help you understand and don't forget to write down that which was inspired in you. This is how we are going to run our race and win on earth.

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