Restoring childhood dreams and attributes.

For quite a long time, anytime the prayer of restoration was raised in church, I would thought to myself "what have I lost?" after all, it wasn't like I was once rich and now broke. Anyway I would pray it.

But recently God has made me realize that restoration for many of us, were our childhood attributes and dreams that we lost because the world (environments, school, parents and peers) directed our life and moved us out of purpose.

Consider this, Paul said “But when it pleased God, who separated me from my mother's womb, and called me by his grace.” - Galatians 1:15,

One would think that Paul who used to be Saul was saved by Jesus intervention, and if not for that, he would still be a "bad egg". Here is deal, he had been called from the womb! But life (religion) led him astray, but glory to God who said "you will not miss it".

Children are real, watch them and you will see them in their natural (raw) state. They don't pretend, it is we the elderly that read meaning to their acts, and try to direct them to what we think is best and acceptable in our opinion. And this is exactly what was done to us!

I therefore pray that as many of us who needs restoration, God will restore us in Jesus name.

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